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Daily Archives: January 17th, 2011

Migrants from Central America headed north to the U.S. (AP Photo/Miguel Tovar)

The brutal  Zetas drug cartel is settting up criminal networks in southern Mexico and across the border with Guatemala to control transit routes for drugs, migrants and contraband such as pirated DVDS, intimidating the populace and committing gruesome murders as an example to the uncooperative. Reports the Associated Press

 They moved into Oaxaca, Chiapas and other southern states and then northern Guatemala, where attacks on townspeople became so commonplace that the government last month sent in 300 troops to regain control of the border province of Alta Verapaz.

In towns on the Oaxacan isthmus and the center of Oaxaca city, the capital, the wealthy as well as street vendors and migrants have been kidnapped and subjected to extortion.

Then last month, the gang blamed for murdering 72 migrants in the summer in the northern state of Tamaulipas became suspects in the disappearance of more than 40 Central American migrants in Oaxaca. The abduction drew international attention when the Salvadoran foreign ministry reported the crime, but the Mexican government initially denied it happened. To read the rest Click here: Zetas Drug Cartel Casts Shadow over Mexico’s Border with Guatemala – Fox News Latino