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Gambino mobster Craig DePalma

 Gambino Crime Family mobster turned FBI snitch ,Craig DePalma, son of feared Gambino street capo,  Greg De Palma,  died last month in a nursing home where he spent eight years in a coma after a failed jailhouse suicide – ending one of the strangest tales in Mafia history. Writes John Marzulli, Daily News  

And in yet another bizarre twist, the elder DePalma, 77, turned the Westchester County nursing home into a kind of satellite clubhouse, holding court with gangsters who met covertly among the sick and elderly. Read The rest   Click here: Gambino capo Greg DePalma’s son Craig dies at 44 after eight years in coma

 Related Capeci Story   Gregory DePalma, a pal of Frank Sinatra’s and a colorful, self-assured wiseguy whose loyal mob soldier status will be forever tarnished because he was suckered into proposing a Cuban-born FBI undercover agent for induction into the Gambino family, has died a lonely death behind bars. He was 77.   

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