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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Frankie "Blue Eyes" Sparaco

 The future of the Colombo organized crime family-The future of the Colombo organized crime family-an 83-year-old Mob operation bossed by Carmine Persico that once ruled New York’s waterfront and has been the most bloodthirsty of the city’s five Mafia families — rests with two little-known brothers-in-law who secretly recorded their bosses for months.

Tommy McLaughlin and Peter Tagliavia were exactly the kind of up-and-coming associates needed to retool the once-proud Colombos: young, tough, prison-tested and ambitious. Each had survived shootouts during the family’s brutal internal war in the 1990s, which decimated the clan. Each was considered a stand-up guy.

Instead, they and a third turncoat, Frankie “Blue Eyes” Sparaco, have helped bring down the entire leadership of the Colombos, including former street boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli, who was busted last year and faces murder and racketeering charges, and the man who took over that role, Andrew “Andy Mush” Russo.

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