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Daily Archives: February 22nd, 2011

Nunzio LaGrasso, 60, left, of Florham Park leaves Federal Court in Newark Jan. 20 with his lawyer Edmund DeNoia.

Stephen Depiro,  a Genovese Crime Family member who ran a racketeering enterprise  including extortion and illegal bookmaking was among fifteen defendants from New Jersey with waterfront connections, who pleaded not guilty today to charges stemming from a recent roundup one of the largest Mafia takedowns in FBI history

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Arrested in January, they were among more than 120 defendants named in 16 indictments stemming from separate underworld investigations in New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

Most of those charged in New Jersey had connections to the waterfront, including current or former union officials on the docks.   Click here: Fifteen accused N.J. mob members all plead not guilty in one of largest FBI Mafia takedowns |