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Daily Archives: March 25th, 2011

Enrico Ponzo, at left in a 1994 mug shot, and at right in an undated file photo at a hockey game in Idaho (AP)

Cadillac” Frank Salemme, in April 2004 (WCVB-TV screenshot)

 WORCESTER, Mass. — A longtime fugitive from charges of attempted murder for the Mafia has been returned to Massachusetts. In U.S. District Court here on Friday, Enrico Ponzo plead not guilty to nine counts of an indictment that was handed down in 1997.     By David Boeri for WBUR  

He was arrested last month in a small town in southwestern Idaho, where he was living a quiet life on the lam among kids and cows. And now, with a graying goatee, a bald spot and a hearing aid, Ponzo is back home on the range in Massachusetts. Known out in cattle country as Jeffrey “Jay” Shaw, he — with U.S. Marshalls at his side — flew in from Marsing, Idaho. But his story shouldn’t be confused with “Lonesome Dove.”