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Daily Archives: March 29th, 2011

Sofia District Court sentenced to four years in jail Peter Petrov, dubbed Amigosa, a former associate of late underworld lord Ivan Todorov Doktora. Photo by BGNES

A Bulgarian court has sentenced to four years in jail top Bulgarian mob figure Peter Petrov, dubbed Amigosa, for forging a document as he tried to get his hands on a businessman’s property.

Amigosa was found guilty for trying to steal EUR 500 000 by forging the signature of .

At the end of 2009 Petrov, a former associate of late underworld lord Ivan Todorov Doktora in a financial consultancy company, was sentenced to five years in jail in the largest trial for money laundering in the country.

The trial was given the go-ahead in March 2006, but was repeatedly postponed, which gave grounds for the Supreme Judicial Council to launch probes into the work of Sofia City Court.

According to prosecutors, the scam had operated since 1997 and the sums involved totaled BGN 99 M. The illegal traffic channeled the FYROM and Bulgaria and was legalized by means of false commercial contracts.

The case against Ivan Todorov, aka Doktora, was closed due to his death. The businessman, whose name became household after a miraculous bombing survival in 2003, was mercilessly killed February 22 on a busy downtown boulevard in Sofia.

Bulgaria’s new center-right government, which swept the elections in July 2009, is struggling to shake off the country’s reputation for rampant corruption and crime, and has pledged to step up the fight against graft.

However, the EU newcomer has yet to convict any senior officials and has put only one criminal boss in jail.   Click here: Bulgaria: Bulgarian Mobster Jailed for Another 4 Years in Forgery Trial – – Sofia News Agency