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Daily Archives: April 3rd, 2011

Tommy Gioeli

Today’s post is about Mitchel Maddux’s recent story  in the NY Post. His childlike adjectives, and disregard for detail coupled with the writings of John Marzulli, Jerry Capeci, etc., has convinced me that the laziest, untalented, IQ deprived “reporters” go into the field of organized crime reporting. They just spout uncorroborated facts. Even in this age of cell phones they rarely leave their desk on assignment. Every time they collect a paycheck it’s like extortion. They know that no one will dispute theirs and the government’s stories. So they just rant on, slander on, and taint juries with impunity. Let’s take Mitchel the Moron’s article from 3.28.11. He states that the dual approach led to the biggest single mob sweep in US history, more than a hundred wiseguys arrested. Ha! WIth the exception of very few people, that was a roundup of neighborhood kids, sports betters, family and victims of Dino “Hemorrhoids” Calabro. Like I’ve said before “a publicity stunt.” My views are vindicated by the fact that the very squads that the moron cites as producing hugely successful results have been eliminated by the Bureau of the FBI. Then… Thomas Gioeli arrested last year, TG brought down by his nephew, Joe Competiello’s arrest in Miami… all lies that would take no more than five minutes to verify as faults on his ipad. He just doesn’t give a shit about the people he writes about. He doesn’t give a shit about the people that read him. He doesn’t give a shit about the people he works for. And finally he doesn’t give a shit about the quality of the work he produces. No self pride. Shame on you. Your father will be ashamed. In this era of budget deficits I shudder at what the price tag for such a “mob bust” fiasco might cost. Now there’s a story, Mitchel.

Mitchel the Moron says that the new FBI gets wives involved. Well maybe in the case of Dino “Hemorrhoids” Calabro. The FBI can make the same arrangements they made for Carmine Sessa. Like Carmine, Dino can bring his girlfriend into the “witness protection” program so the taxpayers can support them all. Dino, Andrea, Michelle, their four kids, his two illegitimate kids and all of his inlaws all at the expense of taxpayers. What a disgrace this program has become.

The Moron says that the rats make easier targets for Team America if they’re broke. Every criminal witness I am aware of is a multimillionaire; Sammy (the Bull) Gravano, Joe (the Sausage) Massina, Salvatore Vitali, Dino (Hemorrhoid) Calabro, and countless others. All multimillionaires, and all receiving tax dollars.

Mitchel the Moron says that the FBI uses psychological profiles in targeting who will lie for them. I wonder if the FBI sent a psychologist to help the family that Guy Fatato (their criminal informant) tortured with an electric cattle prong. Did they give some psychological help to the 15-year-old girl that their rat Jude Buoneto raped and prostituted for years while the FBI knew? I know it’s too late for the other 12-year-old girl that he raped because she took her own life by jumping from a rooftop. The FBI still used him as a “STAR WITNESS” and gave him a sweet plea deal. I wonder if they provided help to the parents of the 17-year-old that the father and son rats (the Libitores) killed in a bagel store. Again, this list is much too long.

The FBI pretends it’s a BIG SECRET how to make a rat. It’s no secret. Take the most vicious, violent, child-abusing, greedy psychopath… give them their freedom for their crimes, give them a free pass to commit more crimes, add a suitcase full of money, a new life, and a rat is born. No talking to wives, no psychological evaluation, no magic, no nothing.

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where’s Bin Laden????