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Daily Archives: April 24th, 2011


Top row, from left: Avraham (“Abrasha”) Tamir, Rehavam (“Gandhi”) Ze’evi, Binyamin Ziegel. Bottom row, from left: Oshri Tuvia, Bezalel Mizrahi, Rahamim (“Gumadi”) Aharoni, Micha (“Pepe”) Rockenstein

Long before he was accused of a litany of fraud and bribe charges, Ehud Olmert appeared before a closed-door committee to testify about the long arm of organized crime in Israel, which he said stretched to the highest levels of the army, the police, sports and more. Over three decades later, his watershed testimony has at last been revealed


Wild parties, mafia-style hits and high-ranking government and defense officials engaged in illicit activities: These were just some of the things touched on by a young MK named Ehud Olmert when testifying before a panel on organized crime in late 1977. The commission of inquiry, headed by former state prosecutor Erwin Shimron, met behind closed doors in Jerusalem, but its proceedings were recently opened up to the public following a Haaretz request.

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