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Daily Archives: May 2nd, 2011

Henry Hill mugshot, Hollywood sctor Ray Liotta as Henry Hill in “Goodfellas” (1990): Scorcese

Photo: FBI Mugshot, Henry Hill

Henry Hill, came to the national forefront in the 1990 Martin Scorsese film ‘Goodfellas’ staring Ray Liotta as Hill and Robert De Niro. “Goodfellas’ chronicled the life and times of Hill starting when he was  a teenager in New York City. Hill started parking cars and doing other miscellanous errands for the Lucchese crime family, in Brooklyn, NY.  He continued his activities within the crime family until his 1980 arrest for drug trafficking.

Hill already had a lenghtly criminal record by the time of his 1980 arrest. In order to avoid being killed by other Mafia members and or do another lenghy sentence, Hill cooperated with the police and FBI. As a result of Hill’s cooperation and later testimony, more then 50 indictments and convictions were handed down for some of the most notorious and ruthless members of the organized crime syndicate. Hill and his wife Karen and their two children had to enter the Witness Protection Program.

Hlll was relocated to several mid western cities, Hill worked as an Itallian chef at a Nebraska resturant for a time,  Cooking was a skill that Hill learned while serving one of his more lengthy senteces in the United States Penitentuary, Lewisberg. He served his time there with many other individuals from his crew, including Paul Vero and Johnny Dio.

Henry was eventually asked to leave the witness protection program due to several legal infractions. In and out of rehab for much of the past decade. Hill eventually would remain clean and sober and out of trouble since 2009. Hill is now leading a quiet life with his dogs and second wife Lisa Caserta in Topanga Canyon, Ca.

Hill, these days spends his time doing speaking engagements and selling his art, on Ebay and on the website, Art, another hobby Hill picked up in rehab and incarceration. Hill and wife Lisa Caserta-Hill will be cooking for musicains at the Topanga Days Fair on May 28,29 and 30th. For more info on the Topanga country fair go,