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Daily Archives: May 27th, 2011

Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli , Alleged Colombo Mob Boss

We need to wake up

by Tommy Gioeli

Today’s post is about the death penalty phase of Vincent Basciano:

Thanks to the independent coverage of Mr. Frank Morano, we do not have to rely on the government’s bullshit spouted by John “the Dolt” Marzulli and the like. It seems that in Wednesday’s testimony it was revealed that it was Joe “the Sausage” Massino who wanted to kill prosecutor Greg Andres (and NOT Vinny Basciano).

 Did the government also learn these facts at Wednesday’s hearing? Did they learn it late Tuesday night? Or did they know it since the last decade when they made the tape??? After all, it was their tape. So all this time when the public, judges, and everyone else not connected to the justice department was questioning the spending of many more millions on killing a man who was already serving life in prison (without parole) we were told,

 “Shut up! He’s very dangerous. He wants to kill a judge and a prosecutor!” We find out now that it’s not true at all. The government’s rat wanted to kill the prosecutor and no one wanted to kill a judge. That’s right, their latest superstar on Team America gave the order to kill AUSA Greg Andres. The last slap in the face of the taxpayer is that the government knew this since 2003. It’s their tape commissioned by the FBI.

Let me just go over this one more time so that my feeble brain can absorb it. My government, who is broke, spends multiple millions of dollars to try and execute a man who is already serving life without parole because they say he was plotting to kill a prosecutor. Then we find out, after a trial, that he was not the one trying to kill the prosecutor.

It was their confidential informant who was planning to kill the prosecutor for telling his wife that he had a girlfriend. The prosecutor and the FBI knew this all the time. It’s their evidence; they made the tape! So who’s decision was it to prosecute Vinny Basicano again? I’m afraid to ask this question because my life is in their hands, but I must: Who watches the prosecutors? Are we, American citizens, that big of idiots or does our government just perceive us as such? In either case they just keep feeding us lies and we keep accepting them. It just happens to be the right time for the Eastern District to kill a white man: politically correct homicide. Hmmmm. I pray for you my America.

Stronger Today than Yesterday,