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Daily Archives: May 30th, 2011

Daniel Tzvetkoff, right, with former business partner Sam Sciacca, left. The pair fell out, culminating in a $100m lawsuit. Photo: Glen Hunt

  Australian big-money businessman,  Daniel Tzvetkoff, after being busted in Las Vegas and  charged with being the mastermind of a $US540 million money-laundering-racket turned  FBI super-snitch,  and agreed  to roll over on the online poker kingpins.  He is living in a New York safe house   read the story with Video 

 He spent millions on cars, mansions, nightclubs, a 100-foot yacht and a V8 supercars racing team, while his lifestyle has been compared to Leonardo di Caprio’s character in Catch Me If You Can   read more Click here: Ace in a hole: FBI’s net-bet supergrass faces Australian fraud probe

AFP, FBI investigating poker sites that flout law