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Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2011

NAPLES, ITALY — Italian authorities on Thursday arrested Gennaro Tuccillo, a leader of the Moccia clan of the Camorra Naples mafia  who was wanted for many offenses, the ANSA news agency reported

 Tuccillo was arrested by law enforcement agents in Naples. The mafia leader, also known as ‘Gennaro zi sant’ (Gennaro the Saint), is wanted for three murders committed during a gang war. 

In addition, Gennaro the Saint is accused of various offenses perpetrated since 1975. His arrest came about a week after the detention of Giuseppe Dell’Aquila, one of the most-wanted men in the European country,

Dell’Aquila, 49, was the acting chief of two crime families in Naples, the Contini and Mallardo clans. He was charged with many offenses including robbery, murder, racketeering and illegal possession of firearms.

Naples police have been conducting an investigation for months in order to disband the Camorra mafia in Naples. The operation has so far deprived the Mallardo clan from its chief strategist.

Italian authorities said that the investigation will not be concluded until police manage to disband the Camorra criminal organizations which dominated the organized crime scene in Naples during the 80s. read the story  Click here: Italian authorities arrest Camorra mafia leader » Breaking News | Wire Update News | News Wires –