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Tonight sees a Goodfella on the lam, Henry Hill, a Lucchese crime family associate, and more of highlights from NGC and Nat Geo WILD programs this week.

Tonight sees a Goodfella on the lam, and more of highlights from NGC and Nat Geo WILD  programs his week.    The wise guys had a certain code of ethics that they had to follow. Drugs was like the big no-no. There was only two outcomes: either death or incarceration for the rest of your natural life. Drugs was my downfall … it’s a scourge and a curse and it almost cost me my life.” – Henry Hill

Henry Hill, the inspiration for classic movie “Goodfellas,” tells the complete true story of his rise and fall in the New York mob and the details of his life not included in Martin Scorsese’s film

After becoming a gangster in his teens, Henry had it all: money, cars, women and respect. But when he was busted dealing dope against the orders of his boss, he turned from an invincible wiseguy into a mafia snitch with a price on his head. In witness protection, Henry couldn’t stay away from the drugs. When he was once again caught dealing, he was locked up one more time — this time in Terminal Island Penitentiary, California.

After seven years on the run, Henry’s nightmare resurfaces: mobsters wanted him whacked. Video “Henry Hill Speaks” –

Also announced, the launch of Locked Up Abroad iPhone/iPad app!

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