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Daily Archives: June 12th, 2011

Alfred “Indian Al” Angeli. Somerville Hood, shortened his name from “Notarangeli,”

Al Angeli was an ex-boxer and “earner” from Somerville who made a poor career choice — he tried to muscle in on Mafia boss Gerry Angiulo’s bookies. While on a weekend prison furlough in 1972, he murdered Paulie Folino, one of the “In Town” bookies.

 After that, the Mafia’s new allies, the Winter Hill Gang, started hunting the Indian and his little gang.  By February 1974, Al’s renegade gang had been decimated by four gangland murders, with several other gangsters wounded by Whitey Bulger. Indian Al was finally shot in the head by Johnny Martorano after he made a $50,000 peace offering to Angiulo For more on “the Indian War,” read Howie Carr’s new book, ”Hitman

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