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Daily Archives: June 13th, 2011

Green Mafia -wind turbines are pictured in Sicilian village

  Unlike the Sicilian mafia’s usual  criminal activities , renewable-energy is a new racket for the Sicilian mob.  It requires technical prowess,  and that is why the Sicilian mafia’s new role is mainly as the middle man who invests in clean energy to launder its dirty money 
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The Sicilian mafia, the Cosa Nostra, seems to have already gained a foothold in the relatively young industry. Last September, Italian police confiscated their largest ever collection of mafia assets when they seized assets worth $1.9 billion from a Sicilian businessman named Vito Nicastri. The haul included 43 wind and solar companies and around 100 properties, including luxury villas in western Sicily. Nicastri, known as “The Lord of the Wind” because he was the island’s largest developer of wind farms, had been arrested the year before and accused of ties to Matteo Messina Denaro, a man believed to be the head of the Sicilian mafia.