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Daily Archives: June 27th, 2011

Irish American Gangster , James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, arrested last week in Santa Monica, Ca. on suspicion of nearly two dozen murders, some committed while he was  performing as an informant for the Boston FBI

By Steven Zeitchik, LATimes

For years, the ex-con and former Southie drug kingpin John “Red” Shea would walk the streets dreaming of ways to exact revenge on Whitey Bulger, his onetime mentor in the notorious Winter Hill Gang. Shea had gone to jail for 12 years to protect his boss, only to find out later that Bulger had been regularly selling out fellow mob men to the FBI. Shea was tormented by the question of which distant locale Bulger might be hiding in.

As it turns out, it wasn’t distant at all. Those streets Shea had often walked while obsessing about Bulger’s whereabouts were actually in Santa Monica, where he and Hollywood producer Ken Kokin, a longtime resident, were hashing out a screenplay about Shea’s time with Bulger. As Shea walked, he was unwittingly roaming the same neighborhood that Bulger,  arrested last weekon suspicion of nearly two dozen murders, had called home for 16 years.  To read More    Click here: Whitey Bulger’s former protege has been writing a movie about his captured mentor –

Shea’s tale, however, does hold an advantage. A screenplay is finished, and the story contains a character rarely seen on screen: the busted mobster who refuses to turn state’s witness. “‘American Gangster’ is about a rat, and ‘Goodfellas’ is about a rat, and pretty much every mob movie is about a rat,” Kokin said. “This is maybe the first mob movie not told  from the point of view of the informant.”