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Daily Archives: July 19th, 2011

Hollywood had created Jersey wiseguy Tony Soprano but until now New Yorkers had failed to notice the rise of Albanian crime families, bearing a  mob moniker like Fat Ange, Juicehead and Doc. Source: Supplied

FOR several years, observers of New York crime have been lamenting the decline of the Italian Mafia.

New Yorkers still delighted in the arrests of  men known as Vinny Carwash and Tony Bagels, yet the colourful Mob seemed a fading force.

Now, however, the authorities are dealing with another international crime organisation.

Its alleged leader in America is said to be known as Doc, he has a nephew known as Juicehead and an associate called Big Brian, who helped to smuggle large quantities of cocaine hidden in secret compartments inside luxury cars, according to court papers.

According to a bail letter submitted to a federal judge, Fat Ange supplied prescription painkillers, diverted from clinics in Florida, while Frank Netti, Lucky, Jimmy, Paddy and Tony G were involved in distribution.  read more  Click here: New York mobsters make way for Albanian crime organisation | The Australian