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Daily Archives: October 20th, 2011

 Montreal Mafia enforcer  Nicola Di Marco

Nicola Di Marco,  mob muscle for the Rizzuto Crime Family,  arrested  in a  probe of the Montreal Mafia dubbed Project Colisée,  involving more than 80 people being busted  , including Nicolo Rizzuto– was arrested recently and doing  jail time for carrying around a pistol–and may be facing old mob related gambling charges . Read The Story

by Paul Cherry, Gazette

MONTREAL – A Quebec Court Judge will decide on Friday whether a man believed by police to be an influential figure in the Mafia should do more time behind bars for running an illegal gaming house.

Prosecutor Yvan Poulin called the operation Nicola Di Marco, 42, was helping to run “the gaming house for the Mafia in Montreal” during sentencing arguments before Quebec Court Judge Isabelle Rheault on Thursday. It was shut down in 2008 when police made a second wave of arrests in Project Colisée.

Di Marco is already serving a three-year prison term for carrying around a pistol in July 2010, during a turbulent time for the Mafia in Montreal.

In December 2010, Di Marco pleaded guilty to four counts related to the gaming house that operated clandestinely on Jean Talon St. in St. Leonard.

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