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Daily Archives: October 28th, 2011

Sofia’s   anti-organized crime police have busted a  Mafia gang engaged in making forged documents, the Interior Ministry’s press office reported.

After being detained for 24 hours, the three Sofia residents will remain under arrest for 72 hours, following a ruling of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office.

Pre-trial proceedings have been opened on the case.

The offenders were discovered in the course of an investigation on a tip-off for the production and distribution of fake documents, including high school diplomas, university degrees, driving licenses and conviction status certificates.

On October 26, anti-mafia task officers captured 35-year-old A.K and 50-year-old I.T. as they were preparing a fake conviction status certificate of a customer.

Minutes later, the police officers detained 49-year old D.I, an accomplice of the two specialized in providing blank forms of the documents and stamps.

A police search of the premises used by the three yielded numerous stamps, including ones used by the Sofia City Court (SCC), two typewriters, five laptops, five memory devices, a laser copier, a printer and stacks of CDs.

The police raid also discovered a notebook containing personal data, copies of ID cards and photos, blank forms of documents and a ready fake high school diploma.

An inquiry showed that both A.K and I.T had criminal records and A.K was in a probation period after a conviction for similar offence.

Tariffs charged by the three for the preparation of fake documents varied between BGN 30 and BGN 200.   To Read    Click here: Bulgaria: Sofia Anti-Mafia Police Bust Gang Making Fake Documents – – Sofia News Agency