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Daily Archives: December 3rd, 2011

Lucchese crime family Capo

Old-School wise guy Carlo Profeta,  who once was a driver for Gambino murder machine boss Roy Demeo, and  now  is a  Luchese Crime Family Capo  who was charged along with other mobsters  in a  mafia extortion that used threats of violence  to collect money from individuals involved in a gambling operation backed by Bonanno mob associate, Jerome Caramelli, has already pleaded guilty , and is facing sentencing,.  Profeta is attempting  to solicit sympathy from the judge with a sappy letter professing his desire to retire from his life of crime.

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A veteran New York mobster wants to meet with the fishes.

Carlo Profeta, an acting captain in the Lucchese crime family, says he wants to leave his life of crime behind to fish and commune with nature.

Profeta, 69, is scheduled to be sentenced on extortion charges next week. In a letter to the sentencing judge, his lawyer insists the wiseguy will turn over a new leaf after he’s released.

Profeta “wants to make a complete lifestyle change…and live a simple existence in upstate New York,” the lawyer, Joel Winograd, wrote yesterday. He’s “hoping to perfect his skills as a fisherman on the banks of the Hudson River and to care for abused and unwanted animals, passions he has pursued since his youth.” read more click   Here

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