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This Republican file photo from 1993 shows Gambling Czae  Francesco ‘Skyball” Scibelli in downtown Springfield

  Mobster Frankie  Scibelli aka “skyball”  oversaw loan sharking and illegal gambling rackets for a  faction of the New York Genovese Crime Family operating  in Springfield MA . Scibelli was one of the  most respected and connected members of the  mafia. He possesed power, most of his clout  was gained  through his rock-solid relationships with Cosa Nostra bosses in New York and  across the country.  Read his  story

 By Stephanie Barry, The Republican The Republican

When a Roman Catholic nun dropped a dime on the late Francesco “Skyball” Scibelli for running an illegal gambling ring from the telephone booths at Providence Hospital in 1961, divine intervention and the related jail time weren’t enough to dissuade him from running the rackets.

Nor was the tongue-lashing that he and co-defendant Paul “The Penman” Cardaropoli received at their Holyoke District Court sentencing a half-century ago. read more Here

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