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Daily Archives: January 4th, 2012

Moreno Gallo leaves an Immigration and refugee hearing in Montreal, back in  May 27, 2010.
Montreal mob killer, Moreno Gallo,  longtime lethal ally of  both  the  Catroni and Rizzuto Mafia families was given the boot back to Italy after a long drawn-out battle to stay in Canada since his release from prison for a  mob related murder.
   Read the fine Gazette Story by  Paul Cherry
MONTREAL – Moreno Gallo, a 66-year-old Montreal mobster who did time for a gangland murder, was on his way out of Canada Wednesday, his lawyer confirmed, after giving up his fight against deportation.

Gallo was enroute to Italy of his own accord but under escort of the Canada Border Services Agency, said lawyer Stephen Fineberg

He’s being deported to Italy and from there he’s able to move freely,” Fineberg said, declining to note which city in his birth country Gallo was destined for, nor where Gallo untimately plans to settle. “He’s a free man for the first time since 1974.”
That’s the year Gallo was arrested for shooting a known drug dealer in a parked car in the head. He called it self-defence, but the police portrayed it as a settling of scores in the Mafia to read more  click   Here