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Daily Archives: January 10th, 2012

ANSA) – Rome, January 10 – Italian Police have arrested 51 people and issued warrants for 15 others in a  massive anti-drug  blitz spanning several regions in central Italy. Police were acting on warrants issued by Anti-Mafia  magistrates in the town of Vasto in eastern Abruzzo.

  Suspects were also arrested in Lazio,Emilia Romagna, and mafia infested Puglia, a region that was part of another  anti-drug bitz in 2010  in which over 70 associated with ‘Ndrangheta calabrese were arrested.

The Adriatic coast is a major crossroads for drug trafficking led by three Neapolitan and Romanian organized crime clans, police said.

In a separate operation police arrested two men with more than a kilogramme of hashish in the Sicilian capital Palermo on Tuesday.

Domenico Mauro, 26, and Valerio Pezzimenti, 18, were alleged to have been carrying the drug in three packets wrapped in foil as well as a larger cake wrapped in cellophane and read click  Here