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Daily Archives: January 15th, 2012

Margaret Dillin was expelled from her union local after associating with Nicholas Furina

For bragging about mingling with a Genovese Crime Family big shot who is well known for shaking down New Jersey waterfront  workers has cost the chatty chum of  powerful  mobster Nicky Furina her union job.   Read the Story by John Marzulli for the New York Daily News

Too much Christmas cheer and homemade wine with a powerful Genovese gangster cost a chatty longshorewoman her union job on the New Jersey docks, the Daily News has learned.

Margaret (Margo) Dillin had pleaded ignorance to a court order barring members of Local 1588 of the International Longshoremen’s Association from associating with organized crime — including ex-waterfront kingpin Nicholas (Nicky) Furina.

But Dillin was dimed out by an anonymous letter-writer, then done in by a tidal wave of evidence — and her own big mouth.

Investigators obtained a photograph of Dillin, swathed in a black cocktail dress, inside Furina’s swanky 2007 Christmas party at a New Jersey banquet hall.

“She was in the banquet area with Nicky Furina, ‘Pepe’ LaScala, Carlo Bilancione and Nicky Romano, a significantly high density of convicted racketeers and reputed organized crime figures,” Robert Stewart, the deputy court-appointed monitor of Local 1588, stated in court papers.

Several co-workers also testified at Dillin’s hearing about her frequent boasts that she “broke bread” with Furina.  read more  Here