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Daily Archives: January 16th, 2012

Lawrence “Mitch” Lanoue, an infamous criminal  involved in the biggest heist in Rhode Island history called “The Bonded Vault robbery”,  has died,  just  one year after being released from a Federal pen. He lived 90 years.

The big score came from a secret stash owned by the Patriarca crime family.  Target 12’s  Tim white dug down deep inside the mafia  to get the real story behind the Bonded Vault robbery . Read the Story 

By Tim White, Target 12 Investigator

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – One of Rhode Island’s most infamous – and elderly – career criminals, Lawrence “Mitch” Lanoue, has died just one year after leaving federal prison. He was 90 years old.

Lanoue, formerly of Woonsocket, died of heart failure on Jan. 8, according to the Department of Health. He was staying with family members in Providence at the time of his death, relatives told Target 12.

Lanoue continued his life of crime well after he reached Social Security age. He was 72 years old when he was arrested in 1993 for a failed armored car holdup in Bellingham, Mass. Prosecutors said at the time the FBI was tipped off to the scheme and arrested Lanoue moments before the heist went down. He was wearing a ski mask and carrying a pistol.

Many believed the 20-year prison sentence Lanoue received for the crime was, practically speaking, a life sentence. But he lived in freedom for one final year, nearly to the day, after being released from a Boston halfway house in December 2010.

“When he was finally a free man, we were able to enjoy him for 10 months, celebrating his 90th birthday as well as holidays as a ‘law abiding citizen,’” a family member wrote Target 12 the day Lanoue died. “Mitch did keep us interested in his crazy robbing escapade stories. He will be missed.”to  read more  click  Here     

Tim White discusses Bonded Vault robbery