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Tony Conte in the movie The Delicate Art of Parking, a 2003 comedy. Conte was found guilty in January 2012 of conspiracy and possessing cocaine with the intent to traffic.
 Actor Tony Conte, who played a part in Omerta, a popular television crime drama about the Mafia– was busted by police in a cocaine sting operation and is currently starring in the story by Canada’s crime expert Paul Cherry for the Gazette  
MONTREAL – Actor Tony Conte is under the impression he will manage to avoid serious prison time for his drug trafficking conviction .
During a sentence hearing Thursday  morning he talked about the impact the case brought against him in 2008 has had on his life. Conte, an actor in several French-language television shows and whose voice has been used in commercials for things like frozen pizza and fast food restaurants, said he slipped into a serious depression in the six months following his arrest on Oct. 29, 2008. He had made a deal to purchase 30 kilograms of cocaine from a man who turned out to be an undercover police agent. He was charged with taking part in a conspiracy to purchase 30 kilograms of cocaine and was convicted by a jury on two counts in the case on Jan. 20.
He served 35 days in a detention centre following his arrest and then was released on bail. Conte said he was placed in protective custody during that time because of his celebrity. Read the rest  Here
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