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Daily Archives: February 14th, 2012

On Feb. 14, 1929, the gangster Al Capone’s gang gunned down seven members of a rival Chicago gang in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.


“Chicago gangland leaders observed Valentine’s Day with machine guns and a stream of bullets,” declared The New York Times, “and as a result seven members of the George (Bugs) Moran-Dean O’Banion, North Side Gang are dead in the most cold-blooded gang massacre in the history of this city’s underworld.”

Capone, who was in Miami at the time of the massacre, had arranged for four men to carry out the killings. Two men dressed as police officers went to a garage that served as a base for Moran’s gang. They ordered the seven gangsters to line up against a wall, at which point the four men opened fire with machine guns. Capone intended for Moran to be killed as well, but Moran was not in the garage that day.

The massacre greatly diminished Moran’s gang and made Capone the undisputed king of the Chicago underworld. However, it also made him a target for federal authorities. In May 1929, he was arrested and sent to prison for nine months on a weapons charge. In 1931, he was convicted of tax evasion,for which he received an 11-year sentence that essentially ended his reign as a gang leader. read more Here