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Daily Archives: February 26th, 2012

Eunice Dowling, widow of Dutch Dowling, testifies during a St. Clair County coroner’s inquest on March 6, 1962, investigating her husband’s murder. At left is Dr. C.C. Kane, county coroner. Seated at right, facing Mrs. Dowling, are county sheriff’s deputies Edward Kowalski (left) and Vincent Neuner. (Post-DispatchEAST ST. LOUIS • The jury had been out five days when the courtroom buzzer sounded. East Side mob boss Frank “Buster” Wortman and sidekick Elmer “Dutch” Dowling awaited the verdict with stiff-jawed scowls, just as tough guys should.

If they were surprised to hear the word “guilty,” they didn’t show it. Morris Shenker, the go-to lawyer for mobsters, expressed ritual disappointment. The defendants departed the federal courthouse, 750 Missouri Avenue, free on appeal bond.

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