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Daily Archives: March 1st, 2012

Brooklyn born  Gianni Russo scored his first acting gig  in the great mob  movie “The Godfather”, allegedly with the help of a few Colombo wise guys. He has played many Mafia types but  Gianni is the first to admit he is no tough guy. His talent is talking, and that helped to make him into a ravishing  raconteur who can conjure up an entertaining tidbit in a finger snap—-read the story  By Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, NY — This silver fox has earned a lot of livings.

As a swingin’ ‘60s shampoo boy, he reportedly did more than Marilyn Monroe’s hair. As a mason, he built a veterans’ hall on Staten Island. He sold jewelry before opening a nightclub in Las Vegas. In 1972, he famously played Marlon Brando’s wife-beater son-in-law in “The Godfather.” read more  Here