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Daily Archives: March 12th, 2012

IN-FLIGHT MOVIE: Charles Grodin fakes a panic attack in a scene with Robert De Niro from 1988’s “Midnight Run.”

, Mitchel Maddux, NY post

Exclusive   These things go down!

An accused  drug Lord wanted in New York City was recently nabbed stepping off a jet in Mexico — and threw a series of tantrums right out of the Robert De Niro comedy “ Midnight Run ’’ as he refused to board US-bound commercial planes to face federal charges, authorities said.

The antics of Jimmy “Cosmo’’ Cournoyer forced a total of four plane changes over two days, officials said.

Cournoyer, accused of running a $1 billion drug ring, turned into a real-life Jonathan Mardukas — the fugitive mob accountant played by Charles Grodin in the 1988 flick — screaming as the first jet he was put aboard prepared to pull away from the Cancun airport gate on Feb. 16, officials said. read more Here