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New England Mobster James  “Jimmy” Whitey Bulger

The feds coughed up potential autobiographies allegedly penned by the  murdering maestro himself,  “Jimmy” to his few friends, Whitey Bulger, the former reputed  boss of the Boston  Winter hill gang.

 Bulger morphed into a mob rat for the FBI and ducked murder and racketeering charges by going on lam.  He was captured 16  long years later in Santa Monica,California.

 Authorities believe Bulger may have written two memoirs, one is entitled ” My Life in the Irish Mafia Wars”, a second  draft was found in California during his arrest  and also appears to be an autobiography.   Read the story by By Laurel J. Sweet, Herald

Federal prosecutors today began revealing a treasure trove of evidence against James “Whitey” Bulger — including a potential autobiography they suspect the mobster might have been working on before he fled on the lam in the winter of 1994.  read more Here

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