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Daily Archives: April 16th, 2012

05.22.1993 | Republican file photo | Springfield, MA, May 3, 1993, New England mafia boss Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno (center) talks with attorneys in the hallway of the Hampden County Superior Court during a recess in his trial for attempted murder.

NEW YORK – In Manhatten Federeal court jury selection is underway in the mob murder trial of Emilio Fusco, a Longmeadow made man in the mafia—accused in a racketeering conspiracy that spanned a decade and included the 2003 contract hit on organized crime boss Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno, according to prosecutors. read the story

By Stephanie Barry, The Republican

Fusco, 43, is a “made member” of the so-called Springfield Crew of the New York-based Genovese crime family, the charges against him state, inducted during a secret ceremony in Springfield after he immigrated to western Massachusetts from Italy during the 1990s. He is accused of central roles in Bruno’s murder and that of low-level crime associate and police informant Gary D. Westerman the same year.

Fusco — who had already logged a conviction for loan-sharking and money-laundering in federal court at the time of the murders — has denied any involvement in the plots against Bruno and Westerman. Similarly, he pleaded not guilty to additional allegations of extortion and narcotics trafficking. His trial was delayed over his extradition from Italy after the charges against him came down in 2010. Prosecutors argue he fled, while his own lawyers have said he was there on family business read more