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Daily Archives: April 19th, 2012

 Sebastian Saracino

Mimicking a  mob-brother like  Fredo Corleone  in the Godfather, stoolpidgeon Sebastian (Sebby) Saracino snitched on his younger brother–“Little Dino” Saracino–in Brooklyn federal court and involved him and reputed Colombo Crime family street capo Tommy Shots Gioeli in multiple murders. Read the story


A mob-brothers betrayal to rival Michael and Fredo Corleone exploded in a Brooklyn courtroom yesterday when a Colombo gangster disavoved his own flesh and blood.

“Don’t call me your brother no more!” Dino (Little Dino) Saracino shouted at his turncoat older brother, Sebastian (Sebby) Saracino.

The elder Saracino had just delivered damning testimony, implicating Little Dino in multiple murders, including the slaying of an off-duty NYPD cop.

The judge and jury were already out of the room and Little Dino was being led to a holding cell by U.S. marshals when he erupted with fury.

“Stop lying, Sebby,” he yelled as his brother stood about 20 feet away, looking at the wall and stone-faced.

FBI agent Scott Curtis stepped in between the warring siblings and said to Dino: “You want something?”

The judge later admonished Curtis  read more  Here