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Daily Archives: April 24th, 2012

  Darin Bufalino , mob associate of former Patriarca boss “Cadillac Frank” Salemme

By Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff

New England mobster Darin Bufalino  today was sentenced to seven years in the slammer for his role as an enforcer and juice loan collector  in  an organized crime rimg   bossed by Mark Rosset an alleged Patriarca  Mafia Capo and  FBI informant on  par with murdering mob rat whitey Bulger

A prosecutor said Bufalino was an “assistant and an associate” of Rossetti and collected gambling and loan debts, as well as protection money, for him.

Bufalino was sentenced by Suffolk Superior Court Judge Linda Giles after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit extortion and attempted extortion, charges that grew out of an investigation by State Police, along with prosecutors in the offices of Attorney General Martha Coakley and Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett