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Naples mafia boss’s luxury villa

Anti Mafia Magistrates ordered  the Guardia di Finanza’s tax police of Naples in Casal di Principe  to  confiscate the  luxurious villa owned by  jailed Naples mafia boss Nicola Schiavone, who is the  mobster son of  jailed-for-life  super capo of  the  Casalesi clan Francesco  “Sandokan” Schiavone.

The  villa is located in the mafia stronghold of Casal di Principe some 40 kilometres north of Naples and contains  five bathrooms and  is protected by a high concrete wall that is accessed by two gates. From the outside it  looks like a modest dwelling  but inside  it has very famous brand  furnishings worth a small fortune   read about it here   Adnkronos security

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