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Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2012

CAN’T SAY IT: Judge Jeffrey Locke yesterday ruled that prosecutors cannot bring up alleged mob ties to Mafia Capo  Mark Rossetti, left, and Yasmani Quezada. At right, state trooper Nunzio Orlando testifies Rossetti is a killer.
By Matt Stout, Herald
Judge Jeffrey Locke handed Rossetti and accused mob “associate” Yasmani Quezada a victory entering their trial in Suffolk Superior Court when he barred prosecutors from incorporating allegations Rossetti ran a stable of “soldiers” as a captain of the La Cosa Nostra crime family into the first of several cases against the accused East Boston crime kingpin
Rossetti and 30 others were indicted in 2010 on charges related to an alleged three-county, mob-run crime ring, including extortion, drug trafficking, robberies and assaults. Next week’s trial, which is expected to begin Monday, only involves charges of breaking and entering with the intent to commit a crime in connection with a March 2010 break-in at a Hyde Park home.
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