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Daily Archives: August 10th, 2012

Joseph “Joe the Horse” Salvati ,  framed  by Joe “The Animal” Barboza  

By Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald

Joe Salvati doubts Whitey Bulger ever had a piece of paper or a card tucked in his wallet that said he could kill anyone he wanted.

But ask this 80-year-old gentleman whether he thinks there is such a thing as a “license to kill,” and he responds with unchained vehemence.

Salvati should know.

He was supposed to die in prison after being framed by a gunsel named Joe “The Animal” Barboza, whose FBI godfather was one H. Paul Rico, the same sinister G-man who first sold Whitey Bulger on the advantages of working both sides of the street.

“The FBI has a license to kill, sure they do,” he says from a place deep within his heart and soul. “The FBI, they’re the ones with the license to kill and convict, and put innocent people away.”Read the rest   Here