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Daily Archives: September 2nd, 2012

Reality star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, niece of  late Genovese capo Salvatore ‘Sally Dogs’ Lombardi at home with her dog Louie while filming for her show on VH1 in Staten Island. In her new book, Big Ang shares her tips for coping with house arrest.

BY ANGELA (BIG ANG) RAIOLA,  for New York Daily News

I WAS arrested once. The circumstances that led up to it are why my guard goes up when people ask too many questions. I thought I could trust someone — I’ll call her Scumbag — and she stabbed me in the back. Being ratted out feels like a violation. It’s hard to trust anyone again. My guard has been up 24–7 since it happened to me. 

The day of my arrest back in 2001, I was driving my car, and three or four cop cars suddenly surrounded me and blocked me in. They pulled me over into a secluded spot. I found out later why they did the roadside intercept. If they’d gone to my house, the word would go out that I’d been picked up. If no one knew about it, they could try to flip me. But they had no idea who they were talking to read rest    NY Daily News