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Daily Archives: September 3rd, 2012

Boston Irish Mobster James “Whitey” Bulger

By Matt Connolly, Patriot Ledger

I should tell how I developed an interest in Whitey Bulger from a prosecution perspective.

I joined the Norfolk DA’s office in 1976.   I had worked for the prior eight years or so in a small Boston law firm.  That firm handled all types of cases but was considered a criminal law defense firm.  Some of the clients were high level Mafia people.

I never had a personal relationship with them — that’s a group that really likes to deal with their own countrymen.   Aside from that in the Boston area, and maybe other places, there’s a rivalry among the Irish and Italians.  Sometimes it became bloody, but for the most part it was just that neither group liked or trusted the others.  It was always strange because there were lots of what were then considered “mixed marriages” between Irish and Italians.

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