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Pam Grier as stewardess and con woman Jackie Brown. (1997-R)
© Miramax Films.

by George Anastasia, Glen Macnow

Film fans and critics wondered where Quentin Tarantino would go after his highly praised and wildly successful Pulp Fiction, a 1994 underworld film that some thought established a new form of crime cinema.

Whether by design or because it was the safe move, Tarantino chose a more standard form of storytelling with Jackie Brown. It’s a good movie, but certainly not in the same league with Tarantino’s two preceding films, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (1992).

This is more a character study built around an intriguing heist-con-double-cross-triple-cross. There’s plenty of the trademark Tarantino asides, quips and street corner philosophy. But sometimes all the talk gets in the way of the narrative. And sometimes you get the feeling that Tarantino is just trying to show how clever he is . Read rest Here on California Literary review

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