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Mark Rossetti , reputed Patriarca  street boss and FBI informant

By Matt Connolly

I have mentioned my concern in the past with aspects of FBI Agent John Connolly’s case in Florida.  The overall concern is that duties and responsibilities of Connolly as an FBI agent handling top-level informants were and are murky.  This has been a deliberate policy of the FBI. We’ve seen it most recently with Mafia Capo Mark Rossetti where his FBI handler said his job “was to keep him safe.”  What did he mean by that?

This brought me to a consideration of the FBI culture which I have touched upon and what I will write about in the future.  I’ve noted how in the organized crime area it was part of the FBI culture that an agent could commit criminal acts to gather evidence against organized crime members.  It is now well known that during the late fifties and for twenty or so years after that the FBI set up processing centers where they secretly opened mail that came to people from overseas.  I once had a letter sent to me opened which caused me a little bit of a problem. Read the rest  Here on Patriot Ledger

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