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Daily Archives: October 11th, 2012

 By Matt Connolly

I received a comment yesterday from a person who said the last murder Whitey is charged with happened 28 years ago.

He said if Whitey committed over 50 murders is it likely he just stopped back then. He asked whether he was suspect in any other murders during the last 28 years. 

His question in a nutshell is:  Does a serial killer suddenly stop murdering people? Probably not. Is he suspected in other murders? Not that I know of.

A good comment like that got me thinking how much we’ve all become Monday morning quarterbacks when we think of Whitey and his murders. The Monday morning quarterback has the advantage of looking to see what happened after the event and then suggesting she would have done it differently back at the time. You know: “Belichik should not have gone for it on fourth down at the fifty, I knew he’d not make it. I would have kicked.” 

The problem with that type thinking is that after the fact we see the results of a decision clearly. Then we mentally move back to a position in time before the fact and assume we knew then what was going to happen the rest   Here   on the  Patriot Ledger