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Daily Archives: December 19th, 2012


A juror who apparently was leaning toward a guilty verdict was dismissed Wednesday shortly before the defense rested in the racketeering trial of mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi and six co-defendants.


Following a closed-door session before U.S. District Court Judge Eduardo Robreno, defense attorneys and prosecutors returned to the 15th floor courtroom where Robreno told the other members of the jury panel that “juror number five will not longer be sitting with us.”

Robreno offered no other explanation, but told the jury it had nothing to do with an impropriety and that the trial would continue.

The juror, a middle-aged white male (the jury was chosen anonymously) was one of nine members of the panel who said they had read or heard about a gangland murder last week in South Philadelphia. Eight other jurors (there are five alternates) said they had not heard about the incident. ‘

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