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Daily Archives: December 23rd, 2012

Florence, 21 December 2012 – For Cosimo D’Amato, the Sicilian fisherman in prison

The Anti-mafia prosecutor of Florence signed the request for the immediate trial of Cosimo D’Amato, a Sicilian fisherman in jail since Nov. 12  accused of supplying TNT to the Sicilian Mafia, which was used in bombings between 1992 and 1994 in Florence, Rome and Milan .

D’Amato,47, has denied the charges, but mafia boss turned informer, Gaspare Spatuzza, claimed otherwise..He fingered the fisherman to the police, which led to his arrest

Prosecutors say the same TNT, recovered from not exploded World War II.bombs, was used to assassinate Anti-Mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Salvatore Borsellino

D’Amato’s attorneys argue that he did not know that TNT would serve to kill for the Mafia

D’Amato faces charges of murder, destruction, possession of explosives, and contributing to the mafia bombing attacks with Cosa Nostra  bosses Toto Riina, Bernardo Provenzano, Filippo and Giuseppe Graviano and Matteo Messina Denaro