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Daily Archives: March 20th, 2013

John "Zip" Connolly

John “Zip” Connolly

By Matt Connolly

Whether Whitey Bulger was an informant as all the world believes or whether he was not as he and his attorneys suggest really changes little.

 It gives Whitey the feeling that he never faulted on his loyalty to his fellow criminals nor has he joined the ranks of that much despised group of Irishmen who have betrayed one cause or another to save themselves.

The most dastardly aspect of Whitey’s claim is his undermining of his friend FBI Agent John Connolly who loyally served him all these years.

His allegation that he paid Connolly for information might in his mind redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow hoodlums. Nevertheless, he is betraying Connolly who has maintained he never received any money from Whitey.

Whitey by attempting to shed the label informant actually cloaks himself in it. He is informing on Connolly, his protector.  read rest Here on Patriot Ledger