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Daily Archives: July 12th, 2013


Italy- On orders from Anti-Mafia prosecutors in Catanzaro police carried out a mafia busting blitz against the Valente-Stummo clan of the ‘Ndrangheta and arrested 38 people in five southern provinces

Among those arrested were Scalea’s mayor Pasquale Basile and  five councillors of his cabinet who are suspected of granting contracts to companies controlled  by the capos of  the  ‘Ndrangheta
Police  raided dozens of firms and properties, seizing assets worth 60m euros (£52m; $78m).

The assets seized included two yachts and 33 cars including Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes and vintage cars, the Ansa news agency reported

The arrested are accused of bribery, bid rigging,  fraud, kidnapping,  extortion, money laundering and  Mafia association

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