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Daily Archives: September 24th, 2013


ANSA) – Rome, September 24 – The daughter and son-in-law of a dead Mafia don who made huge headlines for a mid-1970s stint as a supposed stable manager at ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi’s villa outside Milan were busted in a blitz by police Tuesday that flashed fresh light on the mighty Cosa Nostra clout  in  businesses in the rich Lombardy region.
Cinzia Mangano , the devoted daughter of  deceased  Berlusconi employee Vittorio Mangano who died of cancer in jail in 2000 while serving a sentence for mafia  drug trafficking and his son-in-law Enrico Di Grusa were arrested along with six others in a probe police said strengthened previous evidence of Mafia penetration in Lombard
The probe revealed an “entrepreneurial mafia” building commercial profits as well as illegal gains for “an association that utilizes the strength of its criminal history and reputation to enter into the economic fabric of the assigned zone and gain economic benefit from it,” Milan anti-mafia magistrate Stefania Donadeo wrote in the arrest order
The accused are charged with conspiracy to commit  crimes by mafia method , extortion, false invoicing and employing illegal workers.
In a separate operation Tuesday, Giuseppe Grigoli , a  supermarket king and  strawman for  Sicilian Cosa Nostra super boss  Matteo Messina Denaro was arrested in Sicily