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Daily Archives: November 19th, 2013


Naples – Salvatore Baldassare, a suspected street soldier in the Camorra Naples Mafia was sentenced to life in the slammer for  the mistaken rubout of an innocent man in a mob hit

Baldassarre, 30, was arrested in March after being caught by police hiding out in a neighborhood  near Naples where a Camorra drug war was  raging

 On the night of October 15 2012  Baldassare pumped 14 slugs into Pasquale Lino  Romano,30, believing him to be a dealer in a rival drug gang

 Police said Baldassare was caught on a wiretap telling a fellow member of his mob ”When I start shooting, I never stop”.

The cold-blooded murder of Romano, a worker in a cable-making company who was leaving his girlfriends house  near a  Naples suburb that night, fired-up, fed-up-citizens, who called for more action against the Naples drug gangs