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Daily Archives: February 16th, 2014

Albert A

Stephen (Stevie Coogan) Grammauta, the lead gunman in the spectacular hotel barbershop slaying of Albert Anastasia, lived out the autumn of his years in a cramped one bedroom apartment in Queens,Gang land news  has learned .

And according to  Gang land’s Jerry Capeci  , Grammauta  seems to have faded away since his last public sighting in 2007, a few days before his 91st birthday.

And that’s too bad. Because in recent months, Gang Land, which first identified  him as a primary shooter in the notorious 1957 execution, has gleaned some intriguing never-reported details about the spectacular rubout from some old investigative files compiled separately by the FBI and NYPD.

Gang land  says  for starters, the records indicate that minutes before the killing at the old Park Sheraton Hotel on Seventh Avenue and 56th Street, Grammauta and his partner picked up the murder weapons in the upstairs room of a mob connected boxer who was at the hotel and whose uncle and ex-manager were both members of Anastasia’s crime family.