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Daily Archives: February 20th, 2014

Palermo, February 20 – Acting on orders from Anti-mafia prosecutors, police in Palermo seized assets worth 250 million euros from the feared Galatolo clan of the Cosa Nostra

 Police in Polermo  say they  seized  real state,businesses and financial records from the Galatoro clan who completely controlled the fruit and vegetable marketing in Sicily

The mafia grip on the produce market was so strong the gangster group   controlled buying and selling prices, portage, packaging and transportation

Prosecutors say the big seizure  was unleashed shortly after the sensational statements of a mafia princess  who spilled the beans on her mob boss father

According to authorities, Giovanna Galatolo, the daughter of crime boss  Enzo Galatolo, described in great detail  how her father called the shots for the  clan  from a  cell in prison, where he was doing time for a mafia murder

She even gave information to investigators on the money transactions involving her mobbed up uncle Angelo Gaetano  and his son